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Learn to play the mandolin from the author of Mandolin For Dummies.
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Access complete library of pre-recorded mandolin courses and lessons. Lessons include multi-speed videos, standard notation/tablature PDFs, and practice tracks, making the experience easy and fun. Step by step, skill-based courses are designed to help students reach specific goals.

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Purchase Workshops with no subscription. The workshops combine live sessions via ZOOM, Q&A sessions, pre-recorded training videos, downloadable PDFs, and practice tracks, making the experience easy and fun. Enjoy unlimited access with no time limit

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The Beginners Corner

The Beginners Corner at Mandolins Heal The World is the perfect place to start your mandolin journey. This beginner course will introduce you to playing simple melodies and chords on the mandolin. Tuning, holding the mandolin, holding the pick, and changing strings will also be covered. This course will give you a solid foundation to build your mandolin journey.
The Beginner's Corner includes 68 videos, practice tracks, and downloadable PDFs and is divided into five sections.

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Don Julin


Don Julin, author of the best-selling Mandolin For Dummies (Wiley 2012), and founder of Mandolins Heal The World, is regarded as one of the top mandolin instructors on the scene today. His workshops, classes, or private lessons, feature a hands-on approach focusing on developing good left and right-hand coordination, along with a dose of ear training and music theory. 

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 • Learn to play mandolin from the comfort of your home computer.

• Develop a good sense of timing by practicing with the play-along tracks.

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• Access the technique courses along with many fun tunes with one membership.

• Save money when compared to private lessons

Low Pressure

• Study any time 24/7 with the pre-recorded videos and practice tracks 

• Work at your own pace

• Review the lessons as often as needed


"Don Julin has transformed my mandolin playing by patiently (!) emphasizing planning the down/up strokes and his keen analysis of my right hand technique. I really hear the difference in my playing and so have others. Thanks Don!"   Kenneth C.

''Mandolin's Heal The World' website is yet another fabulous learning resource from Don Julin- author of the absolute must-have 'Mandolin for Dummies' book. With a truly great range of world-class player-teachers and all you wanted from a curriculum, Mandolin's Heal The World is THE affordable online-learning website for mandolin enthusiasts of all abilities and musical interests."   Andrew B.

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